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Jungle Hammock

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Tubs in the floor

Tubs set into the floor gives a bathroom a nice classy look.  These bath tubs come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.  Below are some examples.The below tub was found at, almost gives the tub a pool feel.I LOVE this tub from!  A truly natural, classy tub, that makes one feel like they are in a small piece of heaven.Rain shower head over the floor tub?   Yes please!  See more here: interiordesign4.comTh...


Space within a space; enclosing yet open; pattern; fur; suspended; swinging hammock chair #hangingchair


NET - designed/made by Numen/For Use and is displayed at the Belgian gallery Z33.


Quirky hostels around the world

Telegraph's quirky hostels around the world: The Tree House Poste Rojo: Granada, Nicaragua - Talk about a backyard!!!


Quirky hostels around the world

The Tree House Poste Rojo Location: Granada, Nicaragua This large treehouse on the road between Granada and San Juan del Sur has a range of housing available, from furnished private treehouses to shared dorm rooms. For money savers, there are also covered hammocks available to rent outside for under a fiver. The Tree House Poste Rojo is also known for hosting the best Full Moon parties in the jungle. Details

Hammock time! I've been using the #hennessyhammock Deep Jungle on long term test for a couple of years now. The forests of Tavush have proved the perfect slinging spot. Wild camping bliss! #transcaucasian #trail #hammock #hammocklife #forest #getoutstayout #tavush #adventure #hiking #wildcamping #tw

King of the (indoor) jungle! Jungle gym for felines. German designers Goldtatze make custom-built playgrounds for spoilt cats. The playful pets can climb bridges suspended from the ceiling, rest in kitty hammocks and sharpen their claws on real tree branches.


'Playful' treehouses by Treehouse Life, nestled amongst three trees with adventurous Climbing Wall, Rope Bridge, a swing bar with 3 Swings, Hammocks and packed with fun.