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Like the contemporary Gregorian calendar system, the Islamic week also comprises of seven days. Although for a Muslim all the days are same as in all the days he or she has to live life according to the instructions of Allah Almighty, however, there is the day of Friday that holds a very special importance in the Islamic days. The day of Friday is known for the Friday prayer which is in congregation and one of the most performed prayer in addition to the regular prayers. On Friday, the…


Etiquettes To Consider While Preparing For Jummah (Friday) Prayer

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#Friday is considered as the most important day of the whole week. On Friday, #Jummah prayer is offered and #Imams deliver a sermon on any topic of their choice on every Friday prayer. Different #Hadiths have clarified that Prophet #Muhammad SAWW used to #celebrate Friday just the #Eid is celebrated.

Love is your children going to the Jummah prayer


It's so easy to forget this when you're going through so much crap in life but don't ever give up on god it'll be your biggest regret. Hope you all have a blessed Jummah


friday jumuah jumma jummah prayer