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These are the kind of headlines you'll be reading if HRC gets a liberal in the…


Scalia murder cover-up begins to unravel: Intelligence officers and high ranking police publicly question his untimely death AUG 01, 2016

The CIA Heart Attack Gun They Don’t Want You To Know About | David Icke

“Who dies with a pillow over their head?” — Former Army Intel Officer Suspects Foul Play in Death of Scalia |

Trump & Clinton are NOT the only choices! VOTE! #Dump Trump


It’s Becoming Quite Obvious That Judge Antonin Scalia Was Murdered, But By Who?

from RedFlag News

Feb 14 MYSTERY -- Liberal, Democrat Texas Judge Turn Down Autopsy... Local Judge Disputes Decision... Chaos...

MYSTERY -- Texas Judge, Scalia Family Turn Down Autopsy... Local Judge Disputes Decision... Chaos...

Leaked Doc Shows Judge Scalia Final Prophetic Warning Before Death Just before his death, judge Scalia wrote an important warning for America. In his dissent from the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, which declared that same-sex marriage was a right, Justice Antonin Scalia declared that this Supreme Court has become a “threat …

Cartoon: Judge Scalia channels the framers