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Judas Maccabeus

Judah Maccabee (or Judas Maccabeus, also spelled Machabeus, or Maccabaeus, Hebrew: יהודה המכבי, Y'hudhah HamMakabi) was a Kohen and a son of the Jewish priest Mattathias. He led the Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid Empire (167–160 BCE) and is acclaimed as one of the greatest warriors in Jewish history alongside Joshua, Gideon and David.

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Praise the Lord (from Judas Maccabeus)

Praise the Lord (from Judas Maccabeus)arr. Hal H. HopsonHal Hopson's adaptation of “Praise the Lord” from Handel's Judas Maccabaeus is a standard in most choral

Hallelujah, Amen from Judas Maccabeus by G.F. Handel -- Houston Camerata…

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Hail the Conquering Hero (from Judas Maccabeus) (Part(s))

Hail the Conquering Hero (from Judas Maccabeus) (Part(s))By George Frederic Handel / arr. David MarlattThis version of the famous Hail the Conquering Hero opens

D'après Heemskerck, Joshua, David and Judas Maccabeus

Judas Maccabeus portrayed as a Polish knight in the Plock Bible, second quarter of the 12th century


The Triumph of Judas Maccabeus - Look and Learn History Picture ...

The Nine Worthies - Charlemagne, King Arthur, Godfrey of Bouillon, Julius Caesar, Hector, Alexander the Great, David, Joshua and Judas Maccabeus


Helen Watts - Handel: Judas Maccabeus (Complete Oratorio)

Helen Watts - Handel: Judas Maccabeus

"So shall the Lute & Harp awake" from Judas Maccabeus - Handel (Chamber)