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Bobby Neel Adams Photographing the same person, only years later (use old family photos and take ones now, merge them).

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24 Unusual Travel Words You Should Know

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Circular lawn with paved path to access the far end of the garden and take you on a journey

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I like how this piece is a different shape. Also, it is cool how the framing is the sides of the bridge and how it's created to make your eyes move and end on the feet.

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The End of the Pier (Brighton)

The End of the Pier (Brighton) linocut print in edition of 24 23x33cm by Jennie Ing.

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Billie just said this at a convention; no one has actually asked her to do this. But wouldn't it be so amazing?! You'd get to watch the Doctor learn to cope with living as a normal human... without a TARDIS or sonic screwdriver. -- More importantly, we would get to gaze at David Tennant again, not that we ever actually stopped.

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Rose and the doctor are my OTP and I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch journeys end and doomsday.

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You have the power within you to make your world amazing. Your attitude, perception, thoughts and energy all play a role in what you manifest.

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Journey's End is almost (almost) worse than Doomsday. Not even because he's lost Rose again, but because he got everyone back, everyone he cared about, everyone who helped him survive, and lost them all. It's no wonder regeneration wasn't long in coming after this.