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Afghan boy's hope of new life in Europe ends in suicide

Mustafa Ansari’s journey ended one April morning in his bedroom in a quiet Swedish village.

"Journey's End" Torchwood x-over into Doctor Who


European Heavyweights France, Britain and Germany Back US Strikes in Iraq - - #GKP

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I had a headcanon throughout the movie that she (her, not black widow) was Harriet Jones (you know, "Harriet Jones, Prime Minister", "Yes, we know who you are"). After "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End", she joined World Security Council to discreetly defend the world against more Alien threats.


Billie just said this at a convention; no one has actually asked her to do this. But wouldn't it be so amazing?! You'd get to watch the Doctor learn to cope with living as a normal human... without a TARDIS or sonic screwdriver. -- More importantly, we would get to gaze at David Tennant again, not that we ever actually stopped.


I like how this piece is a different shape. Also, it is cool how the framing is the sides of the bridge and how it's created to make your eyes move and end on the feet.


When Does Your Personal Growth Journey End?

It’s the final touchdown: Rosetta spacecraft crashes into comet after 12 years - YouTube