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Journalist In Spanish

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A twisted pomegranate, a 250 year old oak and an art class

The Treaty Oak is a field live oak (quercus virginiana) that is the oldest living thing in Jacksonville. It’s called “Treaty Oak” because way back in the 1930’s a journalist wrote a story claiming that a treaty between the native Floridians and the Spanish had been singed beneath it. This “journalist” made up the story to save the tree from a developers axe. It worked, for many years the story was believed.

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George Orwell - Born Eric Arthur Blair, June 25th 1903, Motihari, India - Died January 21, 1950 George Orwell was one of the premier English novelist and journalists of the 20th century. His works form the literary foundation of resistance to totalitarianism. The impact of his novels added numerous phrases and ideas to the English language including such timely phrases as doublethink, Big Brother, thought police, and newspeak.

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Day 7 &quot30; Day Challenge

Hollywood Cerise: 30-Day Blog Challenge

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The Ruins of Belchite

*SPAIN~THE RUINS of BELCHITE: THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR 1936-1939.Belchite sat directly on the front. Initially controlled by Nationalist army,the Republican army took Belchite after a siege lasting from August 24th until September 7th,1937.A number of Americans,part of the Abraham Lincoln Battalion of the International Brigade,took part in the siege not long after its Republican capture. Ernest Hemingway+2 other journalists,Martha Gellhorn+Herbert Matthews,were said to have visited the battle…

Journalist Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) and filmmaker Joris Ivens (1898-1989), posing in front of a damaged Mercedes during the Spanish Civil War 1937. photo: John Fernhout (1913-1987), found on

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Gerda Taro: The forgotten photojournalist killed in action

Gerda Taro sitting at a typewriter. In July 1937 a Jewish emigre from Nazi Germany became the first female war photographer to die on assignment. At the age of 26, Gerda Taro was just starting to make a name for herself and had already helped launch the career of the young Robert Capa.


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Syria war: Kidnapped Spanish journalists return home

Syria conflict: Kidnapped Spanish journalists freed - BBC News