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Joshua In Hebrew

Jericho has evidence of settlement dating back to 10,000 BC. During the Younger Dryas period of cold and drought, permanent habitation of any one location was not possible. Jericho was a popular camping ground for Natufian hunter-gatherer groups. Around 9600 BC the droughts and cold of the Younger Dryas Stadial had come to an end, making it possible for Natufian groups to extend the duration of their stay, leading to year round habitation and permanent settlement.


Of significance to Biblical studies is a short section at the end of the poem in the Merneptah Stela describing a campaign to Canaan by Merneptah in the first few years of his reign. One line mentions Israel: “Israel is laid waste, its seed is not.” Here we have the earliest mention of Israel outside the Bible and the only mention of Israel in Egyptian records. - This puts Israel as a nation right after the conquest of Canaan by Joshua (1406 BC).


Another amazing find that confirms the Book of Joshua was found on the walls of an Egyptian temple at Medinet Habu. - The walls contain a list of cities that Rameses II (1304-1238) recorded as enemy towns. - The cities are represented on the wall by men bearing shields. Within the shields are the names of the cities. - Among the list of cities are Janum, Aphekah and Hebron.