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Effigy pipe associated with Thayendanegea (Joseph Brant, Mohawk, ca. 1742–1807)


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Joseph Brant/Thayendanegea signature

Joseph Thayendanegea (Brant), chef Agnier, 1911. © BAC, collection Coverdale.

Picture of Mohawk Native American *** George Catlin kK

Mohawk Indian war chief Thayendanegea (who had converted to Christianity under the name of Joseph Brant), an English protégé and a colonel in the British army, was instrumental in persuading the Iroquois to take up arms against the American rebels. He was a chief organizer of Indian bands allied to the British, and his forces became the scourge of independence-minded settlers on the New York and Pennsylvania frontiers.

Picture of a Mohawk Indian. Taken from