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What's up? I'm Jordyn Jones! Jack is my bro! I love him so much!! Im 15 and single. Im and dancer, been dancing since I was two! Anyway, I love shopping, snapchat, fashion, a lot of things, actually! *giggles* I'm a YouTuber and Viner! Singer/rapper! I go to Didi Tours, Sometimes Magcon, with my brother, and other places! But yeah..I'm sort of insecure, but I'm really ugly, I was bullied, but I still am a little.. so ya intro??

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Hi I'm Jordan!!! I'm Danny and Eles age. Im a dancer and i have a crush....we'll I'm single!!

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Guys we need to make jojo jealous of Mark and aspen!They like each other lets make jojo. Jealous of them!~Jordyn

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Take Over (Official Music Video) - Carson Lueders ft. Jordyn Jones. Estreno de los prodigios de la música pop.

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Hey guys! Who's coming to my birthday party? If you are post your dance clothes! Oh Sophia mom needs you to pick up some party supplies. ~Jojo

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Grand Opening Of Jabbawockeez Dance Crew's Show "JREAMZ" At MGM Grand In Las Vegas