Jordan Spieth Hair

Annie Verret walks out at Gleneagles during Ryder Cup opening ceremony last year...

Why Jordan Spieth Is The Hottest Thing To Happen To The Game Of Golf

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Annie Verret, partner of Jordan Spieth, looked patriotic in her daytime outfit while she w...

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Jordan Spieth may be the second youngest winner of the US Masters in history, but he doesn't look it.

David: Spieth Will Be 'Wildly Bald'

Larry David Predicts Jordan Spieth Will Become 'Wildly Bald' Within 4 Years | Bleacher Report The 2015 Masters Champion, The 2015 US Open Champion, placed 2nd at the 2015 PGA, 22 years old, number 1 in the PGA standings, and you are yapping about this gorgeous brilliant athlete's hair??? What a Freaking MORON! JORDAN RULES; TEXAS PROUD AND EXTREMELY HANDSOME JUST THE WAY HE IS!

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