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A guide to estate planning covers property ownership laws, beneficiaries, probate avoidance, living trusts, joint tenancy, life insurance, estate taxes, wills, business ownership, and pensions.

There are many different types of life insurance products which makes it very confusing to anyone applying for their first mortgage or a remortgage. Read on to find out the facts before buying any life cover


The National Bank of Serbia’s Administration for Supervision of Financial Institutions has approved MetLife’s application to transfer a portion of its life insurance portfolio to the joint-stock insurance company Wiener Stadtische osiguranje.


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Learn about the pros and cons of joint life insurance plans that have more than 1 insured person on them. #lifeinsurance … How to Choose between a Single or Joint Life Insurance Policy

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Insurance giants spy on medical history of thousands: Britain's biggest insurers demand unnecessary information from NHS

IMED Hospitales is ready to assist the NHS CCGs in their endeavor to eliminate the longest wait for hip and knee replacement employing ERICA services

A joint last-to-die life insurance policy is a cost efficient method of funding your estate planning goals like charitable giving or estate preservation