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Alan Alda (b. January 28, 1936) joined the Army Reserve after graduating from Fordham. He completed the minimum six-month tour of duty as a gunnery officer during the Korean War.


Elvis Presley joins the army. On 24 March, 1958 Elvis Presley became soldier No.53310761 and a national hero when he enrolled in the U.S Army . The move came after Presley had spent ten years in the creative wilderness following a fateful movie deal. To quote Alan Levy’s Operation Elvis ‘By pretending he was just like anybody else, the Army had demonstrated to the world The Importance of Being Elvis.’


Growing Bolder shared........ Move Forward. Give Back. After a demanding 2 1/2 months, 55-year-old John Taffe of Alameda, California has become one of the oldest soldiers to ever complete the Army's basic combat training. Army regulations require a special waiver for soldiers over the age of 55, but Taffe enlisted 36 hours prior to his birthday. Taffe has returned to Northern California where he will join the Army Reserve.

Alan Alda "M*A*S*H" actor Alan Alda joined the Army Reserve and completed the minimum six-month tour of duty as a gunnery officer during the Korean War

A former U.S. Senator from Connecticut, Christopher Dodd, served three terms in the House of Representatives. In 1966-68 he served in Monción, Dom. Rep. then he joined the Army National Guard and later joined the U.S. National Guard.


#BritishArmy ..... Captain Lori Sharp was selected by the Army in Scotland to fire the world famous one o’clock gun at Edinburgh Castle to highlight the celebration of International Women’s Day. .... Captain Sharp joined the Army Reserve in 2001 before commissioning into the Regular Army in 2006. She is currently posted as Adjutant of 105th Regiment Royal Artillery.


Lemke, Max, born 07-04-1895 in Schwedt, Oder, entered the Army as a war volunteer and participated in the first war in the Kings Ulanen Regiment, age 19 on 01-08-1914. He retired on 18-12-1918. He joined the Army Reserve again in February 1935

The 33rd Governor of California and 40th President of the United States, Ronald Wilson Reagan, enlisted in the Army Reserve following his completion of the fourteen home-study Army Extension Courses in 1937. Before he became an actor and ventured into politics, he joined the Army Air Force and was assigned to AAF Public Relations and the 18th Army Air Force Base Unit.

Louis Curdes joined the Army Reserves on March 12, 1942. Talley Record: 9 confirmed, 2 damaged Decorations: 2 DFCs, PH, 15 AMs.One of three aces to have shot down enemy aircraft of all three Axis Powers.