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Johnson American Bulldog

LOVE THIS! My bella is a Scott American bulldog American bulldog types. #americanbulldog...


Johnson American Bulldogs | Atomic American Bull 100 Johnson American Bulldogs Lines M5x


The legend, Stranglehold. Handsome American Bulldog!!!


Johnson American Bulldogs | Penn-Hip .41/.37 - NO DJD - Top 90th Percentile @ 22 Months Old

tipo johnson o 100% johnson???? HOGAR DEL VERDADERO BULLDOG AMERICANO


Get this all time "is that a bully x staff" "is she a pit" "is she blind or deaf?" No she is none of the above. My Lola is an all white Scott type american bulldog (not Johnson or a British as people assume and then argue that she's not a bulldog) there is more than one type. Idiots.


#American Bulldog - Bully Type These dogs descended from the original #Bulldog, and were preserved by working class immigrants who brought their working dogs with them to the #American South from England.

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Misconception of the Breeds

Bully breed types... Molly is a Scott American Bulldog

Bubba, 16 months Johnson American Bulldog following Obedience commands. To follow Bubba's adventures, please subscribe to Bubba's Doghouse! We post fun videos regularly and keep you entertained and informed. Please help us by LIKING & FAVORITING our videos and sharing then with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. For pictures, befriend Bubba ...

Johnson American Bulldogs | Opinions on American Bulldogs.