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Friendship, Thicker Than Blood, in BBC America Series

Aidan Turner: can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact that he looks hot like this then....


Tammy Bursoni on

Mitchell - Being Human... He was in the wrong era it seemed, his clothes strikingly different against the designer chair he was sitting in. He kept fidgeting, pulling at the fingerless gloves on his hands or picking at specks of flint on his jeans. His eyes held something in them, a secret or a past life that would never be, something that haunted him. I could have watched him forever.


McNair bookplate - from the Ancient Books of John Turner - "hear the words of other days beyond the veil of sleep"


I like how the reflection is captured in the waves and how the clouds make the boat fade into the background.


John Turner Jr Jellyfish B Credenza

John Turner Jr Jellyfish B Credenza | DENY Designs Home Accessories

AIDAN TURNER ---- Mitchell getting ready for a date. Too funny, he's using the sample cologne from a magazine! ha!


The Code of the Woosters: PG Wodehouse's guide to fighting fascism

‘Far from gruntled’ … John Turner as Roderick Spode and Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster in ITV’s Jeeves and Wooster. Wodehouse's Code of the Woosters humor classic is a masterful textbook on how to defeat dictators past, present and future -- ridicule them.