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Blackroom is a game where VR has gone wrong, and is bleeding into reality. You're an engineer for the company behind the technology and have to stop it.

Jane Bown with The Beatles

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George onstage at the K.B. Hallen in Copenhagen, 4 June 1964. Scan from Beatles Book Monthly No. 163.

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I’m slightly worried about the match in John’s hand here. Scanned from Beatles Book Monthly No. 6 (January 1964 issue).

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Doom returns: why John Romero made one last level

The co-creator of id software’s legendary first-person shooter has revisited his masterpiece 20 years later. We ask him why

Tim Burton's Batman 1989 movie started it ALL.

The Jokers- I pinned this because The Joker depicts a very corrupt person in the Batman movies, and in my paper I discuss how today's government and people in it are corrupt.

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