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‘Fringe’s John Noble Joins ‘Sleepy Hollow’

EXCLUSIVE: Fringe star John Noble is reuniting with Fox and the series' co-creators Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci. Noble is set for a major recurring role on Fox's new drama series Sleepy Hollow, co-created/executive produced by Kurtzman and Orci.


Exclusive Sleepy Hollow Video: Fringe's John Noble Explains His Sin-ful Talent


Yeah, Denethor. Not meaning to be harsh to Sean Bean but what did you expect? Get with the facts lol

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Morgana Le Fay: She was either the half-sister or cousin of King Arthur and in some accounts his lover; she was also his enemy and a powerful sorceress


One of the best series ever made - if you like Sci-fi you will Love this! Focuses on an FBI division devoted to investigating various inexplicable phenomena. Such a brilliant cast (you will come to love Walter's eccentricities) and written by JJ Abrams - so doesn't need any further justification - just watch!


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Sleepy Hollow Preview: Fringe's John Noble Wants You to Know He's Not Playing Walter

Sleepy Hollow Fringe's John Noble Wants You to Know He's Not Playing Walter