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1970 photo of John Lennon by Harry Goodwin. Buy limited edition John Lennon prints: http://blowuppress.com/john-lennon-prints.html

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My favorite song. It is the first song I play in a new car and anytime I am nervous and need to calm down, or just because.

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John Lennon...Imagine... This may be my very favorite song and lyric. Never, ever stop being a dreamer. Keep dreaming!!

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John Lennon quote at Michael McClintock Poet on Pinterest. Drawing credit Karen McClintock.........HE WAS A BEAUTIFUL KIND MAN INSIDE AND OUT......NO ONE WILL EVER BE QUITE LIKE THIS MAN......."JOHN" WE ALL MISS YOU DEARLY.....WISH YOU WERE HERE......LOVE ALWAYS JOHN.......R.I.P.

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