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John King Journalist

Gorgeous Art Bible page by Jamie Severtson Dougherty.


August 16th 1977 I remember hearing Elvis had died after school, was so upset :(


I believe this and I believe that He is "Still" working miracles.. every day.


Colonel Parker took a whopping 50% management fee from Elvis and may well have been good for Elvis in earlier years but in later life Elvis needed someone who recognised his problems and was more into the music of the time. When a journalist told John Lennon that Elvis was dead Lennon repliued 'Elvis died years ago'


The Kennedy family in pictures

John F Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy on their wedding day in Newport, Rhode Island, 1953


John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. (November 25, 1960 – July 16, 1999 was an American lawyer, journalist, and magazine publisher. He was the son of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, and a nephew of Senators Robert F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy. He died in a plane crash along with his wife Carolyn Jeanne Bessette and her elder sister Lauren on July 16, 1999. ♡❤❤❤♡❤♡❤❤❤♡,_Jr.

Henry Morton Stanley - "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" This famous line was uttered by Stanley after finding David Livingstone, a lost missionary deep in Africa. A Welsh explorer and journalist, Stanley explored much of Africa and claimed the Congo for Belgian King Leopold II. However daring his explorations, Stanley's legacy is a dark one, as he is responsible for enforcing labor, brutally killing, and spreading disease among a great number of native people in the Congo.


John Singer Sargent / 1895, Frederick Law Olmstead (the great landscape architect, conservationist, journalist, and social critic)


John King, CNN chief national correspondent, is an award-winning journalist whose career spans more than three decades, while reporting from all 50 states and from international locations. The 2012 presidential campaign is the seventh presidential election that King has covered and most recently he moderated three presidential debates during the 2012 election cycle.