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Ava Lowle Willing Astor, first wife of John Jacob Astor IV, ca. 1900

The Astors - John Jacob Astor had caused a scandal by marrying the eighteen year old Madeleine Force, she was two years younger than his son. Returning from their honeymoon, they boarded at Cherbourg, with a maid, a manservant, a personal nurse, and a dog. The Astors' staterooms were without equal, with working fireplaces and adjoining quarters for servants, the suites cost $4,000 ($50,000 in today's terms).


John Jacob "Jakey" Astor VI (1912–1992) American socialite & businessman. Dubbed the "Titanic Baby", best known for his affiliation with the RMS Titanic, being an unborn survivor of the sinking. He was born four months after his father, John Jacob Astor IV, died in the sinking of the Titanic, whose estate was around $100 million (equivalent to $2,418,965,517 in 2013). Jakey inherited $3 million on his 21st birthday, which by that point had grown to $5 million (equivalent to $90,167,095 in…


William Waldorf Astor was the cousin of Titanic victim John Jacob Astor IV, but he deserves attention for several reasons:

Madeline inherited from her husband the income from a five million dollar trust fun and the use of his home on fifth Ave, and in the Newport so long as she did not marry. In August 1912 she gave birth to a son with whom she was pregnant on the Titanic and she named him after her husband, John Jacob Astor.

from British Vogue

Fashion History - 1912

"A portrait of Madeleine Astor, who set sail with her husband John Jacob Astor IV on the Titanic - he was famously the richest man on the ship. She survived the sinking, but her husband sadly did not." Photo by Rex Features, 1812. Featured in "British Vogue" in an article about the time of the Titanic.


Your chance of surviving was best if you held a first class ticket, but even that was no guarantee. Less than a third of the people on board would survive. Among the victims would be John Jacob Astor, the wealthiest passenger and one of the world's richest men.

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Was this the real life Titanic love story? The untold story of the romance between stonemason and tycoon's wife

1st-class survivor Margaret Astor aboard #Titanic. Double-click pic for #History article.