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Dr. Ben Carson ~ The most famous African American brain surgeon in the World. He rose out of poverty to become an accomplished individual.


She hated how they would either use restraints that were attached to the bed or they would handcuff to the rail of it so she couldn't try to run away or talk to anyone else in the building.


A study, at Johns Hopkins University of Medicine in Baltimore, found that a single dose of psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, was enough to cause positive effects for up to a year. Psilocybin can facilitate experiences that change how people... Users who had a "mystical experience" while taking the drug showed increases in a personality trait dubbed "openness", which is associated with imagination, artistic appreciation, feelings, abstract ideas and general…


1850: "Asylum quilt" attributed to a young single mother who was hospitalized in the asylum at Catonsville Maryland. Depict a wide variety of people, birds, foliage, creatures, done in fine applique - look at closeups. (Referenced in an exhibit (?) by the National Library of Naples, Italy in 2005, said to belong to America Hurrah Antiques in NYC)


University of Maryland Hospital, Baltimore

Terracotta Dog Rattle | Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum, 4th- to 1st-century B.C.E., Greek


Johns Hopkins Hospital Complex from North Broadway

The Johns Hopkins Hospital - Wayfinding Systems - Two Twelve

Johns Hopkins Hospital - Ron Solomon/Rex Features