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I love how so few people know that "fishingboatproceeds" is actually John green.

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Dan Howell and John Green The two people I love most in this world. Both very beautiful and intelligent

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An Award Winning Author Explains Why Cats Lick You. | UnMotivating John Green is one of my favorite humans

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Previous Pinner: "I cried on the bus at that part. One girl offered me a stress ball, and I think she was reading Mockingjay."

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56 Life Lessons You Learned From John Green

Always have a camera in case of Malfoys in the pool. | 56 Life Lessons You Learned From John Green

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I always imagined this. Like jane austen saunters in an goes "excuse me? Its just a love story stfu about irony and shit cus I did that accidentally"

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Ladies and Gentlemen John Green. The Award winning and New York Times best…

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John Green, writes Pulitzer award winning books, gets to speak with the President, and is not an octopus...

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I think I may have pinned this already but this is too funny to not repin... Where to find nerd girls. This is too funny :)

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