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The Avro Arrow, the plane considered to be the most advanced technical and aerodynamic achievement in Canadian aviation industry.

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Diefenbaker’s Foreign Policy

The Chief: former prime minister John Diefenbaker - when he was on the campaign trail in the fifties.


John Diefenbaker (Paperback)

John Diefenbaker,Paperback

U.S. president John F Kennedy and Canadian prime minister John Diefenbaker ~ Ottawa, May 1961


1960 Grey Cup - Roger Nelson, Russ Jackson, Johnny Bright & PM John…


John Diefenbaker, his wife Olive, and their pet dog at their official residence, 24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, October 1962 / John Diefenbaker, sa…

Oleg Cassini (American, b. France, 1913-2006) Medium: Silk, wool, A three-piece dress and coat ensemble. The dress consists of a two-piece ensemble in beige silk and wool with a shell top and a pleated A-line skirt. The coat is beige silk and wool ribbed ottoman, with four cloth-covered buttons. Historical Note: This outfit was worn by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy during her State visit to Canada at a lunch with Prime Minister John Diefenbaker on May 17, 1961.

Avro Arrow: A 1950's Canadian supersonic all-weather interceptor that was way ahead of its time.. Its design and look were a radical departure from what existed at the time.. First to be designed by digital computers and had major parts CNC milled.. First fly-by-wire with force-feedback.. First high-wing design (copied on the F-15, F-22, Su-27, MiG-29, MiG 25 etc.).. First by-pass engine design.. and much more.. See the complete list after the jump..


John Diefenbaker at a meeting of party leaders regarding the flag debate, Ottawa, Ontario, August 18, 1964.

Canada 1980 John Diefenbaker SG 982 MNH -