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sarahlaststand: “ sarahlaststand: “ Bonzo’s Drum Kit, 1973 ” “He only used a small kit, but he used to play large drums. He never played a large kit in terms of the number of drums - he only ever used four drums most of the time, and never had racks...


Led Zeppelin : If you are a fan, you must see this pic .

John Henry Bonham (1948-1980, died from drinking binge) outdoors on tiny drumkit. English musician songwriter, drummer of rock music band Led Zeppelin. Esteemed for his speed, power, fast bass-drumming, distinctive sound, feel for the groove. RESEARCH DdO:) - - DRUMS AND DRUMMING. No date on photo, but interesting clothesline in back means probably 1960s: Anyone else wondering about that single yellow knee sock? Pin via jsmart…


Jason Bonham, what a heartbreaking and wonderful tribute to his Dad, John Bonham.