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John 15 Commentary

Stan Lee's Kingdom


Three Flags by Jasper Johns, 1958. Displayed in Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.


John Calvin (1509–1564) was an influential French theologian and pastor during the Protestant Reformation. He was a principal figure in the development of the system of Christian theology later called Calvinism. John Calvin was Martin Luther's successor as the preeminent Protestant theologian. Calvin made a powerful impact on the fundamental doctrines of Protestantism, and is widely credited as the most important figure in the second generation of the Protestant Reformation.


A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. "I am doomed to remember a boy with a wrecked voice—not because of his voice, or because he was the smallest person I ever knew, or even because he was the instrument of my mother's death, but because he is the reason I believe in God; I am a Christian because of Owen Meany." ~(excerpt from novel) || My favorite John Irving novel.

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Heath Ledger on

Heath Ledger “I don’t want a career handed to me on a platter; it’s too easy. It wouldn’t be mine because I haven’t earned it.”

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Argo (2012)

A dramatization of the 1980 joint CIA-Canadian secret operation to extract six fugitive American diplomatic personnel out of revolutionary Iran.