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image of page from the Gutenberg Bible. The Gutenberg Bible was the first major work printed using moveable type.


Johannes Gutenberg was the invenor of the printing press which revolutionized the world. People gained more knowledge trough books and everything spread quickly.


Medieval pop-up book This book was printed in 1482, when printing was just invented - by Johannes Gutenberg, c. 1455. It is remarkable what ...


On the 24 August 1456, the #GutenbergBible, was produced on a printing press. Gutenberg's 42-line Bible is the earliest full-scale work printed in Europe using movable type.

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Interactive Light and Sound Installation Plays Like a Guitar

"Resonate" Interactive sound and Light Installation for the Luminale 2012 Designed by the students of University of Applied Sciences Mainz and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

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Your Quick Overview of Johannes Gutenberg and His Revolutionary Printing Press

In 1438, Gutenberg began a business arrangement with Andreas Dritzehn, who funded his experiments in printing. In 1450, Gutenberg began a second arrangement with German businessman Johannes Fust. Fust lent Gutenberg the money to start a printing business and build a large Gutenberg Press, their printing projects included the now famous Gutenberg Bible. On September 30, 1452, Johann Guttenberg's Bible was published becoming the first book to be published in volume.