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Joel Edgerton. I think this guy's stock in Hollywood is on the rise. He's so good.


Joel Edgerton - Just loved him in Kinky Boots and Warrior!

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Community Post: 21 Times Joel Edgerton Was There For Us

When he gave us a longing, faraway gaze, and we felt wanted. | 21 Times Joel Edgerton Was There For Us


Joel Edgerton Miscellany (& a little Dash of Nash) When asked how he managed the heavy workload of both directing and acting in “The Gift,” Joel comically declared that he found it very to easy to work with himself….. “Well, as an actor I have to say Joel Edgerton is an excellent director to work with … and as a director there is no greater actor to work with than Joel Edgerton. It was a great collaboration of Edgertons.” :-)


“He’s such a talented actor, but he also so quickly humanises a character and in this case - an event. There’s so much information on his face - a kind of sturdy authority - that he gives you a tremendous amount of confidence." – "Zero Dark Thirty” director Kathryn Bigelow discussing Joel Edgerton