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Jodhi May in The Last of the Mohicans. This may sound like it's too picky to believe, but this shot captures everything anachronistic in our movies about native people: most of all, the musculature. Men then and there were taught though normal; big pecs and biceps are all developed in gyms nowadays, and read as middle-class modern exercise, but not as natural men.

Cora (Madeline Stowe), Alice (Jodhi May), Duncan (Steven Waddington) and Nathanial (Daniel Day Lewis) in Last of the Mohicans.


Romola Garai (Emma Woodhouse) & Jodhi May (Mrs. Weston, formerly Miss Taylor and Emma's governess for 16 years ) - Emma directed by Jim O'Hanlon (TV Mini-Series, 2009) #janeausten