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How to Choose a Jig Saw Blade: The biggest reason a jig saw is so capable, is the wide variety of blades available. For cutting wood alone, you’ll find blades for fast cuts, smooth cuts, straight cuts, and tightly-curved cuts. Plus, there are blades for cutting metal, plastic, acrylic, ceramics, and leather, among others. And you’ll find general-purpose blades that cut just about anything. When selecting a blade, you also need to make sure it will deliver the quality of cut you need.


print. tape Stencil on guitar. Drill holes along stencil. Remove paper. Jig saw to open top about 1/3rd down the side. inside, remove all splinters from design holes by rubbing a knife blade back n forth. Cut to fit a piece of plywood for shelf. Clean up design holes using a chain saw blade sharpener so light can shine through better. Cut hole in back near neck of guitar large enough for Christmas light plug to fit through.


Lenox Tools 20830F300SG T-Shank Carbide Grit Jig Saw Blade, for Tile 3-1/2-Inch Length, 5-Pack #Lenox #Tools #20830F300SG #T_Shank #Carbide #Grit #Jig #Saw #Blade #Tile #3_1_2_Inch #Length #5_Pack

What You Should Know About Scroll Saw Blades

If you're an occasional scroll saw user, you might think that one scroll saw blade is pretty much like another. The fact is, there's quite a range not only in type and purpose among scroll saw blades, but also in quality, and the differences can really show up in how a blade performs.


Hitachi 725397 4-Inch 6 TPI Jig Saw Blades For Fiber Cement Siding - 3 Pack - Hitachi 725397 4-Inch Jig Saw Blades For Fiber Cement Siding, 6-TPI, 3-PackThe Hitachi Jigsaw Blade is designed for fast, coarse cutting of abrasive materials. It is especi

Sharpening Knives, Scissors and Tools

When it comes to making free sewing patterns, we all have our quirks and our preferences. Want to know what your sewing personality might be? Take our quiz. Just answer the following questions and we will tell you. Plus, there are patterns for sewing


Home Made Scroll Saw: This project was designed to make use of an old jigsaw which had a broken blade holder and trigger switch, and old coffee table leg and other repurposed scraps.