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Frank Sinatra was a big activist in the civil rights movement, refusing to stay at hotels that didn't allow "Blacks". Even using his mafia ties to help get labor unions behind JFK because he knew they shared the same opinions on equal rights.

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JFK's Civil Rights Speech Transformed National Debate

On June President John F. Kennedy gave his Civil Rights Address, calling for the legislation that later became the

JFK, Freedom Riders and the Civil Rights Movement Lesson Plan: covers the Freedom Riders' influence on the Kennedy Administration, the Birmingham Movement, and the March on Washington #ccss #civilrights


Martin Luther King assassinated, (prior to this his impact has begun to weaken) King's work before his death was to prove the catalyst for the Civil Rights legislation that followed, however just because laws were being put into place didn't mean that attitudes were going to change with them. King's legacy continued after his death.


Tobacco Road. But there’s also sober history, from Wild-West Tombstone and Bonnie and Clyde’s death site, to the Dallas intersection where JFK was assassinated, to the streets of Selma, where the civil rights movement burst forth onto the nation’s front pages. Best of all, many of the most fascinating places along the way remain refreshingly free of the slick promotion that greets you in more-established tourist destinations. The relatively low profile of tourism here, and the fact that only…

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John F Kennedy Graphic Organizer

John F Kennedy Graphic Organizer with answer key. I recently updates this handout but also included the previous version. So there are really 2 graphic organizers.Key Words:JFK, Civil Rights, Berlin Wall, LBJ, Cuban Missile Crisis, Warren Commission, Assassination