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BBC One is the flagship television channel of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Channel Islands. It was launched on 2 November 1936 as the BBC Television Service, and was the world's first regular television service with a high level of image resolution. It was renamed BBC TV in 1960, using this name until the launch of sister channel BBC2 in 1964, whereupon the BBC TV channel became known as BBC1.

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7 People Who Cheated Death (Then Kicked It In The Balls)

This little girl is a hero. There is no age limit to have wisdom, and especially no age limit to receive honor. DH

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Teaching Kids about PEACE - This is a lesson where you trace your children's hands on flags from around the world, cut them out and make a wreath. PRINTABLE!

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"I identify as a walgreens gift card" that's not just white people that's everyone on Tumblr

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Pictures of the year: war and violent conflict

There is no fucking need for wars. We never get to see the true consequences of it. In this November 6 photo, Protegee, carrying her sibling on her back, cries as she looks for her parents in the village of Kiwanja in eastern Congo

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I read very fast as a child, now I can read 800-900 words a minute because of books and subbed anime.

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10 Things to Never Say to a Person with Sensory Processing Disorder

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Happy holly-days! This year’s bumper crop means plenty of magical home-grown Christmas decorations

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