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Jester King

Princess Alexandria. A meek, slightly freckled face, wavy brown hair that tumbles down around her and chocolate brown eyes, and gentle but wise words falling off her rosy lips.

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The Best Craft Breweries in Texas, as Ranked by Beer Experts

Best Texas Breweries & Craft Beer: Live Oak, Jester King, Real Ale - Thrillist

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History of the Medieval Jester

After Henry VIII's death, Will Sommers remained at court, eventually retiring in the reign of Elizabeth I. Under Mary I, Will's role was mainly ceremonial, and as a sidekick to Mary's personal fool, Jane Foole. Will was reputed to be the only man who made Mary laugh, apart from John Heywood. Will's last public event was the coronation of Elizabeth I.He was probably the William Sommers whose death is recorded in the parish of St Leonards, Shoreditch, on 15 June 1560.

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Jester Jug (Tiny Jester King with a Heart and a Crawfish Companion)

This is a wheel thrown and hand sculpted jug that was created from stoneware red clay. It was then hand painted with lead free underglazes and stained with red