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Jessica Brody

@Kristen Dunskey we need to keep this in mind when we feel like "stinklings" instead of inklings.

from Hayley from Home

Making A Postbox - Toddler Craft

Post box for Children made from a cardboard box. Brilliant for Postman Pat activities.


Ты слишком много пьёшь. Ты слишком много ругаешься. У тебя сомнительные моральные принципы. У тебя есть всё, чего я когда-либо хотел увидеть в друге


Unremembered by Jessica Brody. "This is the kind of book you finish in one sitting. The opening pages are so completely riveting, I knew from the start I was hooked! Intense pacing, cool science, and a killer twist at the end make this sci-fi thriller an addictive read." - @jesskhoury


In Some Other Life - Jessica Brody - August 29, 2017

About a girl who finds her self in a plane crash with a note saying trust him. she can't remember anything from before the crash. Its much more than just loss of memory, it is a scifi look into memories that can't have much said about, in fear of spoiling this fantastic book.


My Life Undecided by Jessica Brody - Book Trailer

Ying Yang Cats :) Black = Molly and white one is Pookie (Angel)! -AR


The Karma Club by Jessica Brody is a fabulous example of a video trailer book promotion.