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Jersey Cattle

Jersey cows have the richest milk of all the dairy cows; it's high in butterfat, making it the ideal milk for the production of butter and cheese.


Cows are my least favorite animal, mostly because I've been chased by them on more occasions than I care to remember, but even I think this is sweet!


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The Hillside herd makes its way to the parlour in the scenic Yorkshire Dales. If modern farming has it's way, this will be a sight from the past, as cows will be housed in huge milking "industrial units," where they will never see a blade of grass again or feel the elements. We will never again see cattle in our fields. Tragedy if we let this happen.


Top 10 Reasons to Keep a Jersey Cow - Green Eggs And Goats Blog - GRIT Magazine - EXCEPT THIS IS A GURNSEY AND NOT A JERSEY!!!!

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