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This quote does a great job of illustrating why people are vegetarians. "Vegetarian...Because compassion tastes better."


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11 gruesome things in London you must see

Jeremy Bentham auto icon at University College London


London Pop-ups: Tiberi's Barcelona Streetfood Residency at The Jeremy Bentham, off Tottenham Court Road - Mon-Fri

"The question is not..." -Jeremy Bentham #vegan #vegetarian #glutenfree #food #GoVegan #organic #healthy #RAW #recipe #health #whatveganseat

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The Strange Case of Jeremy Bentham

The Strange Case of Jeremy Bentham: At his request, he was taxidermied after his death. Supposedly, the process to preserve the head went terribly wrong and left his face showing lack of expression therefore, unattractive. So, his head was replaced with the wax substitute and for a time was placed on the floor between his legs. It now sits in storage, safe and sound. ed: Nope, not the way to Narnia.


Lost, s05e07 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Jeremy Bentham's story is simply fascinating, and I would love to see his auto-icon at University College London.