15 minutes of the Jeopardy think music - You never know when you might need this. There is also a three-hour option.

Creative Writing Ideas - some neat ideas that would work well for #homeschool. Including some story based ideas.

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[Quiz] Neuro-Jeopardy is a game to test your knowledge about the nervous system. The game is contained in a Powerpoint file. Therefore, your computer must have the ability to read ppt files.

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Editable Christmas Trivia Jeopardy Style Game Show is a perfect way to entertain your first, second & third grade students during the holidays. This interactive, collaborative game provides questions in the categories: Santa Facts, Christmas Trivia, Books & Songs, & Christmas Analogies. As an editable resource, you can also make questions to fit your classroom needs! With sound effects, animations, a self-scoring scoreboard- it is sure to keep your class engaged! {1st, 2nd, 3rd grade…

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