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Community Post: The Many Pouts Of Jensen Ackles

The Many Pouts Of Jensen Ackles, I've known jensen from supernatural, this version of him Flabagasts me

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[gif] HOLY MOTHER OF EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD...I could watch this all day long. Jensen Ackles, you are one sexy man.

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Happy Birthday, Jensen Ackles: A GIF appreciation of the 'Supernatural' star

[gif] Don't know what this is from, but it's adorable! I watched the finale of season 8 and was so emotionally compromised i just watched this for ten minutes straight<--that

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Jensen ackles when he was 20. Oh my gosh I desperately want an episode in which Dean runs into Rhonda Hurley

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[gif] 4x10 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester...Dean doing the Newsies jump and heel click = things that make me happy!

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