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Jennifer Aniston Marriage

I love how her hair is not too curly, just a little wavy. If you want to wear your hair down, this may be an hair down with veil; a beautiful Jennifer Aniston.

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happy thanksgiving

Brad Pitt in Friends tv show Funny quotes


Ross Geller on

Rachel: "Ooh, are you setting Ross up with someone? Does she have a wedding dress?"

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Jennifer Aniston: The Cover Shoot

Jennifer Aniston....she handled what happened to her and her marriage with a grace that few could muster but many wish they could. She showed the world what a beautiful woman she really is.


FRIENDS. Rachel: well, I guess we find a divorce lawyer. Chandler: well, I think.. I think.. Ross already has one.

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Gerard Butler: 'I know some things I will take to the grave'

JESUIT STORYTELLING on Gerard Butler. They take parts of his past, twist it to fit their profile of Gerard as the playboy, sexually shallow lover (because his past torments him and he obviously can't get in touch with his deeper side because of this). This way they can pair him up with a Jesuit playgirl and negate THE FACT that Gerard would DIE for Gail Chord Schuler, and is on her marriage list. Jesuits FORCE Gail's men to betray her. This TORMENTS them.

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Celebrity Superlatives: Hollywood Weddings Edition

Still slightly heartbroken they didnt make it! Gorgeous pic of Brad and Jen on their wedding day

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Presents: The Best of Jen

jennifer aniston