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Bassett's Jelly Babies- The original soft and squidgy fruit flavour jelly babies.made with natural colours and flavours including real fruit juice but sadly not for vegetarians as the contained gelatine and cochineal


Doctor Who's favorite AND now mine, the original (and best) Bassetts Jelly Babies -- 215gr (7.6oz) Bag: Grocery & Gourmet Food

Bassett's 'Jelly Babies' are a type of soft confectionery that are shaped as babies in a variety of colors. Jelly babies were launched by Bassett's in 1918 in Sheffield as "Peace Babies" to mark the end of World War I. Production was suspended during World War II due to wartime shortages. In 1953 the product was relaunched as "Jelly Babies". In March 1989 Bassett's were taken over by Cadbury-Schweppes.

from Annabel Karmel

Jelly Boats

These jelly boats are one of the most popular party foods that I make. Everyone is intrigued to find out how they are made and even the sails are edible!

from Onetify

Unisex vaseline vaseline 100% pure petroleum jelly baby vaseline

The truth about petrolatum is that it is not petroleum – and cosmetic-grade petrolatum is, by and large, safe. It should not be used with potentially-irritating ingredients like lanolin, squalene, isopropyl myristate, and mineral oil.