Citrus Themed Jello Shots: Cut an Orange (or lemon or lime) in HALF and gut it. Mix the jello shot (1 cup hot water, box jello, 1 cup liquor), stir till disolved, then add the jello mix to the half shell and refrig for 3 hours or more. Once solid, slice and serve!

jello orange slices Recipe - Yummy this dish is very delicous. Let's make jello orange slices in your home!

DIY How To Make ORANGE GUMMY Jello Slices - (ORANGE GUMMY) MonsterKids

Orange slice jello shot jigglers: Cut your oranges in half, and scoop out the fruit leaving you with two bowl shaped peels. Make your jello mix just how you like it, and fill each orange bowl peel. Put in fridge to set over night. Slice each orange half into thirds to make your slices and serve!

Can't wait to make these at my next summer cook-out. Hint: To keep the orange halves upright in the fridge, place them on a muffin tin.

Chocolate orange jelly squares! A zingy treat incorporating a sponge layer, an orange jelly layer and an indulgent layer of dark chocolate to finish!.

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