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Jellied Eel Recipes

from The Barrow Boy

Pie, mash and liquor

Eel, Pie and Mash. Eel, pie and mash houses are bits of living history and are very much a London invention. The houses were a Victorian creation, though sellers had had stalls since the eighteenth century. Eels were very cheap and just swimming about in the River Thames.


Pie and Mash shops unique to the UK, Lovely meat pies with mashed potatoes and green (parsley) Liquor. I have had it delivered from this shop Manze, they deliver all over the UK and it's the original thing. Pie and Mash shops also serve Jellied Eels which is one thing I cannot stand!

from Great Italian Chefs

Eel tempura with smoked lardo sauce, vinegar jelly and onion ice cream

Eel Tempura with Smoked Lardo Sauce, Vinegar Jelly, and Onion Ice Cream - recipe at the site

Starters Cured fillet of Mackerel, compressed Cucumber & Apple salad, Dill & Oyster emulsion Jellied Eels on Toast Hot & C...


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Jellied eels

Shepherdess Pie, a tasty, veggie, comfort food dish, from Jellied Eel, London's magazine for ethical eating.

from World Travel Family

Traditional London Food. Pie Mash and Liquor

Traditional British Foods. Pie, mash and liquor, with or without eels, jellied or stewed. You can still find it in London.