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Jeff Gordon Gay: Hoax Claims NASCAR Driver In Relationship With Stephen Rhodes


Tim Wilson - Jeff Gordon's Gay - YouTube R.I.P. Tim Wilson


VIDEO: Is Jeff Gordon Gay? - The Inside Story – After the story that came out this week... the Facts may Surprise you... LOL

NYT Puts To Rest Philip Seymour Hoffman Gay Rumor, Reveals Uplifting Twist

Gay Star News: March 27, 2014 - Race fans react - strongly - to phony 'Jeff Gordon is gay' story


NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon Comes Out As Gay, But He Really Didn’t – Internet Hoax Making The Rounds Again

SB Nation Outsports: July 26, 2014 - About that story gone viral that racer Jeff Gordon confirms a gay relationship: Hoax!

Jeff Gordon; hoax claims the NASCAR driver turned out to be gay