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Jeff buckley death

Leonard Cohen, the revered, revered singer, songwriter and poet, died aged 82 on November 10. The Canadian Grammy Award winner, best known for writing Hallelujah, a song famously covered by Jeff Buckley, was described as "one of music's most revered and prolific visionaries" in a statement announcing his death on his Facebook page.

MSNBC Expose on Jeff Buckley's Life/Death - This clip is part of the Best of Edgewise Music Festival, reported by John Hockenberry in August of 1997, mere months after Buckley's death. The expose is entitled Eternal Grace.--- Commentary can be seen from close friends and those who knew him including: Chris Cornell, Lenny Kaye, Penny Arcade, George Stein and Gary Lucas. At the end of the clip, each person mentioned above reads a lyric from Grace; it's an emotional moment. R.I.P. Jeff Buckley