Why yes, perfection does exist in the form of Jared Leto. Thanks for your concern

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¡No exageramos!, basta un pequeño vistazo a sus maravillosos ojos azules para quedar permanentemente “Jaredtizadas” http://ht.ly/sJMYa

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For my next trick: Jared Leto decided to make his afternoon stroll in New York a lot more ...

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SEXY MALE ARMPITS!: 16 PICS! Jared Leto again! He is just so SMEXY! Yummm! Rate his pits from 1-10! SHARE and LIKE!!!

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Jared Leto is so amazing at singing that it just makes me feel more alive :D #thirty seconds to mars

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After winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor at the 86th Academy Awards on Sunday (March 2), Jared Leto may have made history -- and certainly made more than a few reporters' nights -- when he allowed members of the media to pass around his statuette.

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