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Yakitori (chicken) and Yakiton (pig) are nice and reasonable ($1.25 per stick). Caution: Shochu (Japanese Vodka) with lemon is dangerous.

shochu - easy to tip back 'japanese vodka'

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Rhubodka - Rhubarb Vodka - This recipe is very easy to make, and my big jar of rhubodka is sitting next to the jars of Japanese plum wine I made a month ago, waiting to be ready for consumption.

This new Japanese vodka is crafted from 100% rice and is filtered through bamboo.

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Oven Roasted Kabocha Squash

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Suntory 100 Proof Vodka / Bot.1980s : Buy Online - The Whisky Exchange - A rather interesting bottle of vodka produced sometime in the 1980s by Suntory Limited. Suntory are well known for their whiskies, but this is the first we've heard of their Japanese Vodka.


A refreshing blend of natural fat burners that cools you off and gets you swimsuit ready for best results, drink before and after meals


Chuuhai is a Japanese cocktail that uses any fizzy drink and shochu (a rice or wheat distilled spirit, sometimes refered as Japanese Vodka or Soju) – it’s short for Shochu High Ball (High = Hai). It’s been popular since the 80s, and if you go to an izakaya or any Japanese bar for that matter, you’ll probably see a good selection of it. For the shochu, I like Ginza no Suzume (Sparrows of Ginza) because it’s the least abrasive and mildly sweet, so it won’t interfere with other flavors. What…

Photo: I'm not sure what to really make of this? Odd jobs Gin... Disclaimer - Art is not mine, however, you can find the original artist's work and much more here: - Please be sure to check out their page and other works. #DetectiveConan   #CaseClosed   #Fanart   #Gin   #Vodka   #Ai   #Haibara   #Ran   #Mouri   #Conan   #Edogawa   #Anime   #GoshoAoyama