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"Don't worry we'll ease into it and start small. Onto Japanese tentacle porn! And then cat videos, and then a combination of the two!" <Are we sure the tenticle porn should fit in before the cat videos? Also, there are tenticle porn cat videos?

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El mejor diseño gráfico japonés – Años 20-30

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Untitled 1837 by Japanese artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798-1861). Size: Chûtanzakuban (about 14 by 5"). Publisher: Tsujioka-ya Bunsuke. via Kuniyoshi Project

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This is a Futakuchi-Onna (two-faced woman). One thing I liked about '47 Ronin' is that the supernatural powers of the witch character (Rinko Kikuchi) are Japanese. Her hair is like prehensile tentacles; in one scene she eats sushi holding the chopsticks in a lock of hair.

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Sara-hebi (さら蛇) is a large, snake-like creature with the head of a woman. --Japanese

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