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Japanese Old Man

.HARE MOON The sacred animal was associated in Roman legends with springtime and fertility. As the Hare Moon of April waxes full, observe the rabbits leaping and playing, carefree in their mating and joyful in their games, and as you cast your Esbat Circle and joyfully dance the round, feel within your heart the carefree nature of the wild creatures that are also children of the Old Gods.


Kyoto Garden in Holland Park. Just round the corner from St Paul's cathedral is Postman's Park, so called because it was once popular with workers from the nearby Old General Post Office. Here, you'll find a remarkable Victorian memorial which commemorates men and women who died while heroically trying to save others.

from Autonomous Mutations

Yasutaro Mitsui with his own steel humanoid, early ’30s.

MOVIMIENTO PERPETUO (allegro) "El verdadero progreso consiste en renovarse". Alexandre Vinet


Safely arrived in Tokyo and staying with the legendary BombArrow! Also I met and chatted with a cool old Japanese man on the flight and he gave me this hat!! #Tokyo #Japan #Reunion #bros4life #hat #game #going #strong #strongwomen