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Japanese Kit Kat flavors - I'll take one of each maybe triple lol. Oh my god kit kat is my freaking favorite candy bar ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Lulz! Someone buy me these please! !!


Japanese Kit Kat Flavours, mmmm Other flavors include - wasabi, soy sauce, yellow sweet potato, purple sweet potato, cheese cake, and annin dofu

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japanese kit kat flavors & our kitkat exchange

japanese kit kat flavors & our kitkat exchange. japanese weird candy. list of kit kat flavors. apple kit kat wasabi. green tea kit kat. orange kit kat.

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japanese kit kat flavors & our kitkat exchange

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15 Flavors of Japanese Kit Kats: The Snacktaku Review

This weekend I went on a magical flavor journey across the Pacific, to a land where what Americans deem worthy of snackhood is laughably tame. This weekend I tasted 15 different varieties of Japanese Kit Kats, and I am forever changed by the experience.