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Dope Japanese Inventors Create Real Life Transformer ! - TopBuzz

Sakichi Toyoda (Toyota) was a Japanese inventor & industrialist. He was born in Kosai, Shizuoka. The son of a poor carpenter, Toyoda is referred to as the "King of Japanese Inventors". He is also the founder of Toyota Industries Co., Ltd. He invented numerous weaving devices. His most famous invention was the automatic power loom Born: February 14, 1867, Japan Died: October 30, 1930, Japan

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Japanese Inventor Claims His SenSprout Gadget Will “Change All of Agriculture”

Speech-Silencing Weaponry

Japanese Inventors Create Speech Jamming Gun to Shut Up Chatty Cathy's #mostamazinggadgets #techgadgets

About a decade after the first Western mechanical clock was invented, Japanese inventor Hisashige Tanaka invented The Myriad Year Clock, also known as the

Torn shoulder? Patch it up with a patch made from pig skin

Implant made from pig skin offers minimal scarring and speedy recovery for patients | Daily Mail Online

Crazy Japanese Inventor Builds Lethal Water Gun

Real-life transformer changes from a robot into a CAR

Japanese inventors have unveiled their humanoid Transformer robot (pictured). Called 'J-deite quarter' it can change from a robot into a car. The current model is 4.3ft (1.3 metres) tall.

speech 1 - Japanese inventor uses modified FDM 3D printer to 3D print plants in any shape and size | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

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The eerie 3D model which allows parents to hold their baby... BEFORE it's even born

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