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Not Just A 'Black Thing': An Asian-American's Bond With Malcolm X

Yuri Kochiyama, Japanese member of the Black Panther Party.


Dorie MIller, a messman in the U.S. Navy was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic deeds at Pearl Harbor (1st African American to be awarded the Navy Cross). ALL HE DID The Morning of Pearl Harbor Bombing was carry wounded sailors to safer locations, move his injured Captain (the Captain refused to leave his post & remained until his death), load machine guns, take control of one & began firing at Japanese planes (He HAD NO TRAINING IN OPERATING ONE). He fired until he ran out of ammunition.

from Mail Online

Colorized images show the Allied invasion as you've never seen it

Two color guards and color bearers of the Japanese-American 442nd Combat Team, stand to attention in the Bruyeres area, France, on November 12 1944.  The regiment was a fighting unit composed almost entirely of American soldiers of Japanese ancestry. In total around 14,000 Japanese-Americans fought in World War II

Milt Kobayashi | Kobayashi's compositions are wicked in their education, wicked in their skilful calculation and wickedly clever in their balance, their tonal contrasts and their negative space. In short, we're looking at an unusually professional and well-sourced artist, cultivated in a manner uncommon in the desert of Disney that is modern America.

from the Guardian

Alexander McQueen: into the light

Iconic image of Devon Aoki in Alexander McQueen by Nick Knight


Two Japanese American soldiers visiting their families at Heart Mountain internment camp ironically stand honor guard beside the casket of a WWI vet who died in the Wyoming camp. While 120,000 Japanese-Americans were interned for up to 3 years, 33,000 others served in the U.S. armed forces, including the much decorated 100th Battalion Combat Team, which fought in Europe.

from mirror

Mensa's youngest ever member Adam Kirby has IQ of 141 aged TWO

Mensa's youngest member Adam Kirby has IQ of 141 at age 2. An African American child prodigy has become the youngest ever member of Mensa after an IQ test ranked him smarter than President Barack Obama & British Prime Minister David Cameron. Little Adam Kirby has read Shakespeare & learned Japanese, Spanish & French. He toilet trained HIMSELF after reading a book on the subject at age 1.