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January Birthday Sign

Find out more about birthday personality traits for people born for January 1st to January 31st. Don’t forget to share these birthdays with your friends and family.

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Nobody will ever understand me. What is sad is when you said it had been two years. Not until your birthday because we were still together on mine. Hmm make me wonder how long you and Charlie have been together. Seeing as how he said you had a boyfriend when he met you? Hmm... Strange. I never deserved that. I'm sorry I was an asshole but I didn't deserve that.

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May... Born the kindest! But I see myself more of October... Born the perfectionist! <3

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Haha, so I'm ''Loving and Practical.'' Nope don't think so. I'm as impractical as they come. And loving.......Well I think I'll have to sleep on that one.

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Party with Pinspiration over Winter Break! Tomorrow all the fun begins!! Join us at Pinspiration every morning for the next two weeks from 9am-12pm for winter fun with lots of activities games and crafts. Winter Camp has a different theme every day so imagine a different birthday party for your child every day of break (without having to bring a gift!) Winter Break Camp will be held: Monday-Friday December 26-30 and Monday-Friday January 2nd-6th. Winter camp is for ages 5 boys/girls and the…